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With MoveUP you choose your vehicle, your fare and your passengers

The MoveUP app facilitates the connection of drivers to their passengers. Plus, you keep 100% of the money you earn. To join as driver, download the MoveUP app:

Free & easy-to-use

No cost to join, just download the app and connect with a network. Have your own business or new idea? Use MoveUP to better serve the transportation needs of your community!

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Keep 100% of the money

MoveUP is free to use. As an independent driver, you set your fares and keep all of the money you earn. We don’t take a cut or commission, and we will even help you reduce transaction fees.

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Fulfilling specialty needs

like safely transporting more vulnerable passengers, being able to carry a bike, or even allowing pets – provides a valuable service.

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Volunteer mode

Want to help your community? In « volunteer mode » you still charge a fare for your service, but the money goes to support unmet local transportation needs.

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MoveUP is a smartphone app that facilitates the connection of drivers to their passengers, increasing utilization and efficiency. Riders can connect with you through the app. MoveUP allows for both on-demand and scheduled transport.

On demand rides
With on-demand rides, a driver that has the app set in « online » mode and is not actively engaged in a trip and has no pending scheduled fares will be visible as an option to any rider within that system that enters a ride proposal into the app.

Scheduled rides
Scheduled rides work in a similar fashion as on-demand rides, with a text alert that offers the job to the driver.

Set fares

Within the restrictions of the transportation system they are operating on, drivers set their own fares.

Self-employed drivers
A self-employed rideshare driver can determine the rates that they will charge, modifying them at any time using 4 parameters:

  • base fare,
  • minimum fare,
  • fare per minute,
  • fare per mile,
A driver can choose to waive a fare after a ride at their discretion. The rider sees the estimated fare based on the driver’s set parameters in real time.

Hired drivers
Hired drivers on a transportation system such as a city paratransit driver will have the fare set by the administrator of that system.

Specialty services

As a driver, you can offer special options to your riders like helping them with packages, allowing bikes or dogs on board. Or even qualify as a driver for kids with their parents’ permission.

Volunteer mode

Some people need to get somewhere but can’t afford transportation. MoveUP proudly offers the first system to enable drivers who would like to operate as volunteers to provide meaningful impact within their community.

Volunteers are paid by riders, but the fares go into a community transportation account. At our discretion, we can use this account to assist our neighbors who may need help with transportation.

All transactions are recorded: driver, rider, pick-up point, distance, time, drop-off point, financial transaction. This allows for billing of insurance or other secondary payers, or for unauthorized use.

Helping local businesses to stay afloat

Customers contact participating restaurants (and other local businesses) and make a purchase either online or by phone.

The business then posts the delivery assignment on the MoveUP app, and if you’re an available driver, the app will notify you of the opportunity. If you choose to accept it, you simply pick up the meals or merchandise and deliver them to the customer.

The restaurant pays MoveUP a delivery fee for your trip, and at the end of each week, you’re compensated for all of that week’s activities. You can work whatever hours fit your schedule!

ALL money collected for delivery goes to the driver. During this initial implementation, drivers will be paid at a flat $10 per delivery. We are working to update this process to be both completely embedded in the app and to be variable based on variables such as distance traveled. Even as the system is updated ALL money will go to the driver (MoveUP does not collect a fee for this service).

Driver’s features

GPS navigation
Once the ride is initiated, Google based gps mapping provides step-by-step navigation to the pick-up point. Similar navigation services guide the driver to the destination.
Automatic Electronic Payment
Fund transfer can be completed electronically using Stripe, depositing fares directly into the driver’s account. Stripe manages the fund transfer such that no secure information is stored within the app. Stripe charges a fee for fund transfer that is similar to other credit card fund transfer fees. Stripe offers discounts for documented non-profits users.
When a rider requests a job from a driver, the app alerts the driver of the potential job and describes the pick-up point and destination, allowing the driver to decide to accept the job or not.
Driver’s profile
Riders see a thumb-nail picture of the driver and vehicle, and drivers can add a paragraph bio describing the services they provide which becomes visible when a potential rider clicks a button in the app.
Rating system
Functional rating system means quality work has real power to increase your utilization.

Introducing MoveUP’s Tesla’s

Technology to connect the community

MoveUP’s aims to reimagine how we interact as a community, starting with transportation. Public transit is typically built on antiquated models of buses and taxis. We will push the evolution to an innovative system that better connects resources and maximizes capabilities, starting with four Teslas.

4 tesla cars = 1 city bus

Collectively, these vehicles represent the same purchase price as a typical city bus. However, available using pay-as-you-go models for shared ownership (similar to Zipcar) or shared use (rideshare/taxi), we will be able to do so much more with them, whether transporting people or delivering goods for any local business.

You’re a good driver who wants to earn a little extra money helping our community increase its transportation options?

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