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MoveUP allows you to reach more customers: order through our app, or leverage local drivers for order delivery. Reach the next generation of customers that rely on mobile apps for virtually everything, without the middleman. Enable your customers to pay delivery drivers directly for the service without cost to you or your business.

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We can help you achieve frictionless deliveries for all customers!

Step 1: Become a Network Administrator

Apply as a business to set up a web-based online delivery network.

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Step 2: Select Your Drivers

Drivers can be employees, independent contractors, or volunteers helping the community.

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Step 3: Setup On Demand or Scheduled Deliveries

Pre-schedule customer deliveries or arrange deliveries on the fly with optimized delivery routes.

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Step 4: Track Utilization

Track any number of single or multipoint delivery routes through your administrative panel with immaculate detail.

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Coordinating deliveries at a time of need

MoveUP is designed to strengthen any business by allowing them to reach customers who want or need things delivered to them, no matter what the need.

Not just food, MoveUP can facilitate any business to delivery any product. Groceries or other essentials, medicines or other medical supplies, if you make it, we can connect orders to drivers that are able to get it where it needs to go.

Our two-factor authentication of delivery is more secure than a signature, assuring the right order is reaching the right customer.

Becoming a network administrator

Apply as a business to set up a web-based online delivery network and create your own transportation network to suit your needs. You may represent a restaurant or group of restaurant, or any other business or organization such as a church or charity.

MoveUP’s online administrative panel allows the personnel currently responsible for these duties to more easily manage the structure and use of their transportation system.

To use MoveUP as a network administrator, contact us.

Select your drivers, vehicles and riders

As a network administrator, you can:

  • Set the qualifications of the drivers such as credentials and background check requirements;
  • Set the standards of the vehicles;
  • Set the qualifications of the riders such as residents in a community, students at a university, persons with a disability, or even open to the public.

Driver accounts must be approved to be activated, and can be terminated at any time. A calendar reminder prompts if a necessary credential is outdating and can automatically suspend driver usage if a document such as a license expires.

Open or public systems such as taxis or rideshare systems do not require administrative approval for a rider over 18 years of age, and the drivers will be accessible by anyone who downloads the app.

Set fares for your customers

The system is flexible, allowing for fixed rate trips, fares based on time or mileage or both, including base and minimum fares.

The rides may be free within that specific network while allowing a separate fare for public use; in other words, drivers might transport residents of a community as a free benefit, but charge a fare to public users.

The rides may be free within that specific network while allowing a separate fare for public use; in other words, drivers might transport residents of a community as a free benefit, but charge a fare to public users.

A transport service for disabled persons might offer free service for patient visits to a healthcare system where they might bill an insurance carrier or be grant funded, but charge a fare for use as general transport.

Minimized transaction fees
Operate without charging fees through the app, or set delivery fares that are charges to the customer and paid completely to the driver.

Track utilization

The administrative panel keeps records of all rides within that system including driver, rider, pick-up point, drop-off point, and any fund transfer.

Track the delivery through job selection, pickup and customer address navigation including delivery confirmation. Automatically push tracking updates to the customer including a 4-digit code for 2 factor delivery authentification. MoveUP offers an online record of all data and an integrated connection to customer (phone and text).

You can easily monitor the drivers and riders usage of the system.

Businesses’ features

Secure administrative panel
The administrative panel is a cloud-based, online-accessible app for Windows PC with a secure login that is distinct for each transportation network. The connection between riders and drivers is secured by a coded « key » that prevents unauthorized use.
Notify drivers
MoveUP is easy to use: your customer places an order, you put the delivery information into your online system and the system alerts drivers.
Tracking delivery status
You can track the complete status at a glance, and so can the customer.
Secure fund transfer
Use Stripe for secure electronic fund transfer.

Ready to create your own network?

Easy to set up

MoveUP is easy to set up. You can be delivering the next day!

Setup costs

Neither businesses, drivers or customers pay to use MoveUP.

There are third party costs associated with implementing any software system, such as needed hardware like smartphones or tablets, server space to host and run your network, electronic fund transfer fees, or fees for other integrated software systems like an online order entry platform.

We designed MoveUP to allow these costs to be as low as possible, and to be scalable to suit your needs. We are committed to helping you do what you do, only more and better.

If you have the capabilities and knowledge to setup your own server system yourself, we can package everything so that you manage all of it on your own. We can also provide easy server solutions to help you get it running quickly and smoothly for the best customer experience

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