About MoveUP

All your transportation options in one mobile app.

MoveUp creates a network of transportation providers available to meet the various needs of riders, no matter what. Ambulatory adults, children, disabled, people with baggage or groceries; if you need to get somewhere, we have a place on the system for you.

Who can use MoveUP?


Want to drive? With MoveUP you can work as a hired driver or decide to help your community as a volunteer driver

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Need a ride? MoveUP offers on-demand or scheduled rides. You have a disability or want to bring your pet with you. MoveUP drivers offer specialty services.

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Create your own transportation system for your business with MoveUP and its administration panel

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Uniting the community, one ride at a time

A solution, not a business

We provide you the most advanced transportation connectivity platform ever created so that you can use it in whatever way fits your needs.

Keep it local

MoveUP is free to use, and all of the money stays local: businesses, drivers, riders. Together we can put an end to big businesses capitalizing on our needs.

Volunteer mode

MoveUP was created for the community. The app proudly offers a volunteer mode for drivers who want to help their neighbors and the local community.

No one left behind

MoveUP was created to assure everyone – not matter how difficult the situation – has a reliable, safe, and affordable means of transportation.

The team

John Salmon

John has been a practicing pathologist in Lynchburg, VA for almost twenty years and is driven by the understanding that health is more about the health of the community than the delivery of healthcare. He created MoveUP with the goal of unifying transportation – the number one community health need – onto a single platform, enabling everyone to better access whatever it is that they want or need.

Chris Jaeger

Chris is a self-taught engineer who began programming at just ten years of age. His hobby quickly became a passion, which ultimately developed into a successful career as a Software Engineer. Chris is always thinking of new ways to innovate projects. During his free time, he reverse engineered the communication protocol of one of his vehicles.

Bryan Vorce

Bryan’s ability to adapt to unexpected challenges and create real-world solutions with the available tools has made him a valuable manager in the business world, but his ability to coordinate the logistical nightmare that is an online racing series sets him in a class of his own. This virtual world contains every facet of its real-world counterpart, including every potential hurdle. Bryan is also an accomplished photographer.

It’s time to MoveUP!