Connecting the Community One Ride at a Time

Become a Driver

Volunteer and help your neighbour(s) in need, provide your community with valuable resources, and make some money while you're at it!

On Demand Rides

On Demand Rides

MoveUP facilitates the connection of riders and drivers allowing quick and seamless on-demand transportation.

Scheduled Rides

Scheduled Rides

MoveUP allows any business or group to schedule pickups of people or goods, and can even help coordinate deliveries.

Free to Use

Free to Use

No cost to drivers, riders, or businesses. Seriously.

Support Your Community

Support Your Community

Use our system to meaningfully impact the Lynchburg community.

Volunteer Network

Become a volunteer driver and help out your neighbors. As a driver in our Volunteer Transportation Network, you will see ride requsts from administrators at participating nonprofits for their clients in need. You are under no obligation, and you will see the details of the request before you agree to assist. You can choose what fits in your schedule and what is most meaningful to you. Even a few rides a year will make a massive impact!

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Benefits of Riding with MoveUP and the Community Friends Network (CFN)
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Welcome to a true Rideshare!

Community Friends Network (CFN)

The Community Friends Network is essentially a very advanced private message board allowing friends to connect and help each other with transportation needs. There are rules that must be followed, which are designed to keep everyone safe and everything moving smoothly: no professional drivers, no advertising, no logos on cars, no use of for-hire vehicles like taxis. Drivers must pass a background check and riders must complete ID verification.

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  • Deliveries

  • Scheduled Rides

  • Community Fabrics

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Simplify the commute for yourself and others.

Beat the traffic and join a car pool, or orchestrate work site transportation for multiple employees or contractors.

Join as Business

Become part of our ever growing community.

Community Friends, ACTiN, Workforce and Volunteer Transportation Systems

Community Solutions

Community Solutions

Affordable and safe transportation for everyone.

Think Locally

Think Locally

Ride, drive, or help your neighbors!

Inclusive and Flexible

Inclusive and Flexible

Use our platform in whatever way fits your needs.

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Become part of our ever growing community!
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