Welcome to MoveUP

A better way to get people where they need to be.

Everybody has places to go, but not everyone has a way to get there. With the MoveUP app, all of your transportation options are in the palm of your hand.

On demand & scheduled rides

MoveUP facilitates the connection of riders and drivers allowing both on-demand and scheduled transport.

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MoveUP allows any business or group to coordinate deliveries. Any business can create its own transportation network to suit its needs.

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Free-to-use system

No cost to drivers, riders, or businesses. Drivers are able to operate as true independent contractors keeping all of the money they earn.

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Volunteer mode

MoveUP proudly offers the first system to enable drivers who would like to operate as volunteers to provide meaningful impact within their community.

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Want to drive?

With MoveUP, you choose your vehicle, your fare and your passengers. As a driver, you keep 100% of the money you earn. You can also offer special options to your riders like helping them with packages, allowing bikes or dogs on board.

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Need a ride?

What if you could choose a safe and reliable transportation with an app that lets you choose your driver and even lets you find a ride that will accommodates special requests. MoveUP offers on-demand and scheduled rides.

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Businesses: create your transportation network

Whether you run a taxi service, a patient transport system, a vanpool or any other transportation network, the goal is to connect the folks who need a ride with your drivers. MoveUP allows you to set up your fleet on our network so that your constituents can book a ride easily. MoveUP allows also any business or group to coordinate deliveries.

Contact us to join as a network administrator.

MoveUP community friends network

Enabling communities to solve their own problems. The MoveUP Community Friends network allows you to use the MoveUP tech between friends. Need a ride? Connect with a friend that can help you get where you need to go. Want to help? Connect with friends that need a ride and provide a valuable service.

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Introducing MoveUP’s Tesla’s

MoveUP’s aims to reimagine how we interact as a community, starting with transportation. Public transit is typically built on antiquated models of buses and taxis. We will push the evolution to an innovative system that better connects resources and maximizes capabilities, starting with four Teslas.

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It’s time to MoveUP!